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I flat out enjoyed this ep. I love the Men of Letters story line. That Crowley would do what he would do wasn't a surprise, but the why of it rather was. Keeping the blade is a good way to guarantee his continued existence. He's more interesting to me now as a junkie than he's been in awhile. Mostly, I enjoyed the brothers' conflict was put to the side and seeing them work together again. It was so much fun to kick back and enjoy.:)

I haven't read the comics, but Lizzie - you kind of got the idea she was going to go in the way of Mice and Men. A situation far more horrifying than the Walkers. I've been dreading it. Expecting it and yet, owowowow. However, the conversation between Carol and Tyreese - wow. Yeah, I know I'm full of eloquence this morning.:) It was gripping and so lovely in the seeming simplicity of Tyreese's forgiveness. What a gift. One that certainly kept Carol in the here and now. But as grim as the story was, I so appreciate these little bits of hope. When you see people rise above like Tyreese did and show the kind of humanity that elevates instead of knuckle-dragging-this-is-our-world-now kind of behavior. This half of the season is excelling at it.:)

Life - I'm done with business coaching! For now. I won't say forever since it's proven very valuable, but I love not having the 'homework'.:) However, I am off to shovel snow. I know it's March. There's going to be snow. But poo. Snow. I was so excited to see asphalt. You could see the potholes and avoid them. Seeing dirt? I celebrated.:D

In the Emma news - still concerned. We have a vet coming to our house Friday to check her out and make sure we're not missing anything. Emma is so snoggy. When she meows it sounds like she's underwater. Which is actually adorable, but not right. Eating well and all that and wants to snuggle. If we could get her over this, I think we have a good chance of getting her back to her spunky self.:)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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