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SPN: 9.13

Sam and Dean in workout clothes! There might have been a heart palpitation or two.  A drugged Dean is an adorable Dean and he can pull off a hair net. Yoga people - what in the world are you doing?! When Sam is doing downward dog you look at him!

Boys are beautiful. As a friend said to me - you don't watch SPN for the story anymore you watch it for the boys.

Aaaannnd - that's where I'm at. Because they dropped right into stereotypes in this ep, cheapened it and lost me from the get go. I want better. The basic story lacked any kind of depth or richness so the rest was lost. I thought the concept of what the monsters of the week were doing was an interesting one and poof. Went standard operating procedure.

I'm certainly not going to get into which brother is right or wrong because I think it's actually more than that. For whatever reason the writers aren't quite getting the nuances of what this current - *sigh* - conflict needs without making these guys (who we know can deliver an emotionally intense scene) the right words to elevate it beyond the make wrong. Or perhaps we need the make wrong for the end of the season, but I'm struggling with the 'it ain't ringing true'. Almost feels like JP and JA can't quite buy it either.

I appreciated that Sam said it. Plainly. They have kind of glossed over that particular issue or skirted around it, but quite honestly, I don't remember clearly since this conflict is starting to run together with the previous ones. Was Sam's revelation he wouldn't do the same for Dean suppose to be a big one? Didn't we cover that last season and went the easy route of making wrong there when it could've been far more interesting explored?

Writers - it's time to stop breaking these guys over and over. It's been done to death. Literally. It's self-indulgent. Dean has been damaged by an early age due to his mother's death and makes decisions accordingly. Can we not see him grow beyond that? Sam doesn't share the same outlook and will make different decisions. Move it along. They can break, hurt each other, which is all we've been seeing lately to get these majorly intense moments that aren't so majorly intense anymore because we've almost become numb to them. Of course, there's always the fan element of taking sides out there, but I'm not interested in taking sides - there isn't one to take. I just want to see something different. Please, please, please.

Why in the world would you send the fat-sucking parasite back down to Peru. Are you nuts?! I'll make up the spare bedroom.

This more than anything twanged me about the episode. I just didn't see these guys sending 'a monster' for someone else to deal with. Dean wanting to kill her didn't fit with what he's learned over the years so again this didn't ring true to me. The writers have sent him back a few years in the growth they have allowed him.

Obviously, I'm still invested enough in the show to give it this much thought and grumbling. But dang it, I'd really like to see JA and JP be given something else to sink their teeth into and end the run of this show (whenever that may be) on a great note and not the 'oh, they never really did resolve anything' kind of note. Writers - step it up.

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