shallowz (shallowz) wrote,

SPN: 9.12

A knock down drag out fight. 


With mud.

Okay, the mud was added for visual enjoyment, but seriously - enough with the talking or broody silences. It's not getting you guys anywhere.

Honestly, their current conflict has a forced-we-must-have-angst feel about it. Not that it wouldn't be valid otherwise, but what was said didn't quite ring true, a little contradictory and that is where the forced part comes in for me. Or I could be losing patience with angst. That could play in my opinion quite a bit here.:)

Garth - adorably geeky in his honey bun marriage and I love his confession of how embarrassed he was at getting bit. What always makes me wince is how often the Winchesters - especially Dean - make this all about them. You ran out on us refrain or something of that sort that's been repeated. It's an aspect of the character that twigged me before and I'm no doubt hyper aware of it now. Perhaps it glares because in so many respect the Winchesters are the most unselfish characters around.

But Garth - I don't think he should have to answer to anyone and I felt for him that he felt he had to in the face of those accusations.

What I think is done well is how simple they've made it for us as viewers to take sides in their conflict. But is either brother right or wrong? And whether you're for Dean or for Sam, I don't think a person is right or wrong in their thinking either. There are valid arguments for each side. Probably the most interesting component for me. 

What I'm crossing my fingers for is some growth away from the messy dependence on each other. Out of anything I hope for these characters - beyond a happy end or a survivable one - is to see these guys as Sam or Dean. Not Sam and Dean. Not that I haven't appreciated Sam and Dean, but by the 9th season, I'd love to see something different.

I would've been quite happy if they hadn't teamed up again, current working relationship limbo aside. Think it's too soon. Keep running into each other - now that holds a certain amount of appeal. However, there's next week's promo and if you seen it you'll understand the whiplash changing of the mind.:D

Still think a knock down drag out fight (in the mud) would benefit them. And us.:)

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Tags: episode thoughts, supernatural
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