TWD B/W Rick

Love the music...

And I'm tired of looking at ugly men. Every day. In the news. I'm going to find the pretty ones. The peaceful ones. The ones that make some sense and have a vocabulary beyond 80 words and no need to repeat and repeat and repeat. 

I find it a worthy goal.

Hello everyone.:)

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TWD B/W Rick

The TV Viewing...

Few questions for those of you following the same shows.
  1.  Sleepy Hollow - I feel like I missed a couple of crucial eps. The silly thrill of this season is missing from the first season and I'm never going to be a fan of 'after everything we've been through' repeated in about every ep - which will dampen any silly thrill. Repetition does not make things more intense, but it does create a certain amount of boredom. The season as a whole - did it appear as if they had one plan earlier in the season and then switched the tracks later on?
  2. Musketeers - Has there been any character growth whatsoever after the 6th episode 'Through the Glass Darkly'? Collapse )
  3. Agent Carter - besides the fact I do want to see this series, but have missed it entirely - will I be missing some nuances with Agents of Shield having not seen it?
  4. Marvel's Agents of Shield - enjoying myself silly. Liked where this last ep went.
  5. The Walking Dead - enjoying the thinky-who-are-these-people-becoming aspect of the show. Collapse ) My question is - do you like Rick's declaration at the end there? Admittedly, it gave me the happy shivers.
  6. Supernatural - quietly optimistic.
  7. Arrow - Uhm... are they tipping over the fun comic book edge to the 'you had to go there' edge? Mostly enjoying though.
  8. Elementary - have only watched a few eps this season and for whatever reason made me tense, anxious, I'm not even sure what it was so I haven't continued. Even if I want to. Which is about as weird as it ever gets for me watching TV, because TV. Not REAL. But there you go. Should I watch? It's all right to spoil me a little on this.
  9. Madam Secretary - so far behind.
  10. Justified - waiting until I can mainline it. Avoiding spoilers to the point of paranoia.
  11. Lost Girl - not seen. Anyone know when the last season will be available on iTunes?
This looks like a lot of TV except for not watching half of it. And in spite of those listed, I'd love to see something new. Suggestions? I'm not interested in morally dubious characters right now. I'd like to see a character reminiscent of Lee Adama in Battlestar Galactica. Someone who manages to hold true to their ethics in spite of everything - which admittedly is something I never tire of.:)

Hope all is well with everyone! For those of you experiencing winter - may we all see spring super soon. Now would be good. I can work with now.:)

P.S.: I let the paid account at Live Journal go given I'm not around much. This is my first day back since and ads are cluttering the page.  And so many icons - poof. It was a little more disheartening than expected. I need my pretty.:)

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TWD B/W Rick

Happy Halloween!

Just want to get that out there. Early. Since - uhm... July since I posted. See. We're all Halloweenish now. And didn't that take some brain scrabbling time to remember how to change the layout.


I feel like I'm bumbling right into the middle of a conversation of which I have no idea of the subject or what's been happening with everyone - but sincerely hope everyone is healthy and happy and life is going well.

But three shows that are making me very happy and that's not to say others aren't, but I'm caught up with these.

Collapse )

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There's some compelling viewing out there. Viewing time is a little short, but I'm planning a visit the couch weekend with popcorn and remote in hand once this wonderful fall weather moves into the nippier stuff.

Hope you all are having a fabulous fall! It's beautiful here. Best color in years.:)

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