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04 March 2015 @ 10:09 am
The TV Viewing...  
Few questions for those of you following the same shows.
  1.  Sleepy Hollow - I feel like I missed a couple of crucial eps. The silly thrill of this season is missing from the first season and I'm never going to be a fan of 'after everything we've been through' repeated in about every ep - which will dampen any silly thrill. Repetition does not make things more intense, but it does create a certain amount of boredom. The season as a whole - did it appear as if they had one plan earlier in the season and then switched the tracks later on?
  2. Musketeers - Has there been any character growth whatsoever after the 6th episode 'Through the Glass Darkly'? Descended into a whole new level of Harlequin Romance of The Worst Sort. Predictability and Obvious with a side of Rochefort twirling his mustache while emitting his evil laugh while all other parties remain oblivious to his over-the-top machinations but hey, the King and Queen of France will sit idly by while D’Artagnan and Constance have their reunion. And everyone smiles on. Awwwww. Does everyone need to be paired up in this show like a Nora Roberts novel? I'm discovering a whole new level of boredom and grr.
  3. Agent Carter - besides the fact I do want to see this series, but have missed it entirely - will I be missing some nuances with Agents of Shield having not seen it?
  4. Marvel's Agents of Shield - enjoying myself silly. Liked where this last ep went.
  5. The Walking Dead - enjoying the thinky-who-are-these-people-becoming aspect of the show. Rick Grimes SHAVED! Hotness has returned! I'd forgotten, but ohmanohmanohman - when that beard started going off - swooooonn. Cheekbones! Okay, I can be done with that now, but whew. Thank you show. I loved this last ep. I've enjoyed the others, but loved this one. Carol hit new heights of awesome with her awkward with a big ol' whatever-that-is weapon and her happy homemaker routine in front of the camera. Glenn's knock down of ROTC. I've watched the ep twice. I'll watch it again. There was much that delighted. My question is - do you like Rick's declaration at the end there? Admittedly, it gave me the happy shivers.
  6. Supernatural - quietly optimistic.
  7. Arrow - Uhm... are they tipping over the fun comic book edge to the 'you had to go there' edge? Mostly enjoying though.
  8. Elementary - have only watched a few eps this season and for whatever reason made me tense, anxious, I'm not even sure what it was so I haven't continued. Even if I want to. Which is about as weird as it ever gets for me watching TV, because TV. Not REAL. But there you go. Should I watch? It's all right to spoil me a little on this.
  9. Madam Secretary - so far behind.
  10. Justified - waiting until I can mainline it. Avoiding spoilers to the point of paranoia.
  11. Lost Girl - not seen. Anyone know when the last season will be available on iTunes?
This looks like a lot of TV except for not watching half of it. And in spite of those listed, I'd love to see something new. Suggestions? I'm not interested in morally dubious characters right now. I'd like to see a character reminiscent of Lee Adama in Battlestar Galactica. Someone who manages to hold true to their ethics in spite of everything - which admittedly is something I never tire of.:)

Hope all is well with everyone! For those of you experiencing winter - may we all see spring super soon. Now would be good. I can work with now.:)

P.S.: I let the paid account at Live Journal go given I'm not around much. This is my first day back since and ads are cluttering the page.  And so many icons - poof. It was a little more disheartening than expected. I need my pretty.:)

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The Little Zombie Who Could1_rhiannon_1 on March 4th, 2015 06:49 pm (UTC)
1. Sleepy Hollow lost me for a few episodes but then kinda got me back at the finale. I'm honestly not sure what they were going for but season 2 wasn't nearly as good as season 1, IMO.

5. This is the first episode I've really liked in a long time. I was THRILLED when Rick shaved that beard! He's a ridiculously beautiful man, and that beard did him no favors!

6. They lost me a long time ago

10. I'm trying to make sure that all of my spoilers go under cuts for Justified. I'm really digging this season though, a lot!
shallowzshallowz on March 4th, 2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
1. I loved Abby going back into Ichabod's time! Actually, I wouldn't have mind seeing that for at least 2 eps. Probably would've been hard to pull it off, but the finale was very entertaining. Gotta go with you with 1st season vs. 2nd. Just didn't have the same crazy appeal. Abby and Ichabod are still cute though.:)

5. Beard shaving, oh yeah, thrilled is a perfect word for seeing the scruff go. I have missed that face! I've found this season interesting for a lot of different reasons, but I'm always a sucker for those stories where you let the feral cats into the hen house - proverbially speaking, of course! - and see how all parties behave. I also love watching the competence of this group and when it shows so clearly as it does now.

6. Supernatural is my hope springs eternal show and right now it's doing a pretty good job.

10. I finished the previous season of Justified not that long ago. The anticipation for this season is a glorious thing.:) I'll miss this show when it ends, but I also appreciate that it is ending.
The Little Zombie Who Could1_rhiannon_1 on March 5th, 2015 02:48 pm (UTC)
No spoilers really, but when you get to watch this season of Justified, I want you to let me know what you think of Choo-Choo, ok?
shallowzshallowz on March 7th, 2015 01:57 am (UTC)
This is crazy to throw out there, but Choo-Choo? I'm inclined to like Choo-Choo because they're named Choo-Choo.:)
The Little Zombie Who Could1_rhiannon_1 on March 9th, 2015 01:06 pm (UTC)
Yep, Choo-Choo. I <3 Choo-Choo a lot, and I can't wait for you to meet him! He was an unexpected delight for me for this season of Justified :)
Love Lies Bleedingcorellian_sugar on March 5th, 2015 04:21 am (UTC)
1) I'm about three eps behind, and I agree this season is not like the crazed cracktastic ride of the first season. I have a thing about Katrina. I think she's pretty much a waste of a character -- so here's hoping they kick that to the curb soon (hell, that might have happened in the last few eps, here's hoping). If nothing else, I love the character interaction between Ichabod and Abbie. For that alone, I'd like to see a S3.

3) I don't watch Agents of Shield, and I adored Agent Carter. Really, if you've seen Captain America, you're in good shape. I still need to see the finale (this stupid cold/illness of mine made me fall behind with multiple shows), but I really dug this show's short run. Recommended.

5) Finally, I'm quietly intrigued after so many eps of loss and grieving actions of the group. The Alexandria situation is great. Everything seems so normal and perfect... so why am I so damn nervous? LOL... and R.I.P. Rick's beard. ;)

6) Torn on this season. When they stay on mytharc (the Mark of Cain), the eps have been great. When they go to Monster-of-the-Week eps, they seem to lose me. After so many seasons, I'm starting to see some repetition (to a certain extent) with their monster hunts. Oh well.
shallowzshallowz on March 7th, 2015 03:02 am (UTC)
1. Caught up yet? Because I don't want to give anything away. I'll be there for season 3. Those two are too adorable together not to be.:)

3. Good to know! Sorry you've been ill though.

5. Rick's beard - it was time. So past time! The Alexandria situation, I'm curious/nervous/gleeful. I've found this whole season an interesting one, but this new home of theirs? Snuggle down with happy jitters and see where it goes.:)

6. I'm about the opposite even though I'm all right with the Mark of Cain mytharc. I've zero interest in Crowley's mommy issues, but that's where the fast forward button works out well. I'm certainly not as invested as I once was but I still enjoy the brothers Winchester. Especially now that they're not at each other so much. And. Those boys are pretty to watch and I really so want to be there when their story ends.:)
harriganharrigan on March 6th, 2015 12:25 am (UTC)
Honestly, I still watch SPN because I care about the boys, but I'm not so invested that I get angry with episodes' shotcomings. The only program that brings me consistent joy is Walking Dead. I watch others idly when I remember (Arrow, Musketeers, etc.) but if I forget or am too busy, I don't even miss them.

I don't think you've missed much Madam Secretary. Feels like it's been months since the last new episode.

I am more than a full season behind on Marvel:Agents of SHIELD and Sleepy Hollow and Dr Who. TBD if I will actually ever catch up. I *will* watch Orphan Black when it returns. And I was liking Suits until the season-ender this week. Bah.
shallowzshallowz on March 7th, 2015 03:09 am (UTC)
I really want to be there when the Winchester story ends and even after all these years, I'm quite happy to watch the pretty. They just keep looking better and better.:)

I'm with you on the Walking Dead. The character dynamics alone are compelling and glorious. Wanna do a rewatch of the first season when we get together again? To see them in the early days and know where they are now - there be character development!

Madam Secretary - for one reason or another, we've only managed 4 or 5 eps. Grr.

Orphan Black - I'm drooling in anticipation of that one! Bummer about Suits though. Was wondering if we should pick it up again. Poo.
harriganharrigan on March 7th, 2015 02:58 pm (UTC)
I would *love* to re-watch early Walking Dead. Carol has become one of my favorite characters and she has had *such* character development since then. (Of course, that endearing relationship she has with Darryl is part of my affection for her.)

Suits was fine until until the finale. Who'd have thought it would be Harvey and Zoe who annoyed me with their (separate) demonstrations of relationship stupidity? But maybe I'll enjoy next season when they redeem themselves. Heaven knows, I've been faithful to Sam and Dean through some questionable choices ;D
shallowzshallowz on March 12th, 2015 02:17 am (UTC)
Fun! Let's put it on the to do list, because it is Carol I've been thinking of. She has become one of my favorites and her relationship with Rick is interesting too. Not pairing up wise, but how they work together. Darryl and Carol - I'm with you.

Suits - You'll have to give me the rundown on that. I'm okay being spoiled.

Faithful to Sam and Dean - heh. I love that.:)
khek: Mags brrkhek on March 6th, 2015 03:54 am (UTC)
1. I think they left out a few crucial steps during the season. It felt like they skipped over some details. I still enjoyed it though...I love both Abby and Ichabod, and it was still enjoyable. I'm tired of Henry though. I hope they get rid of him permanently.

2. I still need to catch this show regularly!

6. Oh, boys! I am enjoying this season. Maybe not as intensely as I enjoyed seasons one through five, but more than eight and nine. As long as the Winchesters are driving around, fighting evil, I'll be there.

7. When I walk away during a commercial break, I get confused coming back. But I'm mostly enjoying. I just really, really dislike the Sarah/Dinah/Black Canary storyline.

A show I have enjoyed and am looking forward to season five in June is Teen Wolf. There are a lot of flaws in the storytelling, but I really enjoy all the characters. It's an acquired taste, but it's much better than it sounds. ;)

I'm also enjoying (for some bizarre reason) Reign. Maybe it's the appeal of seeing Anne of Green Gables as an adult, or all the pretty dresses (which are completely NOT period) or all the court intrigue. It's completely historically inaccurate, but kind of mesmerizing anyway.

Spring. I keep thinking it might come, but with four feet of snow still on the ground, I'm not sure it will be before July...

shallowzshallowz on March 7th, 2015 03:27 am (UTC)
1. I should've mentioned I've enjoyed SH for the most part (Abbie/Ichabod are too darn cute not to), but couldn't quite get into it the same way. I think I was too busy working out where these relationships were going and some of those relationships went poof and there was the ep with this conflict between Abbie and Ichabod that didn't seem to jibe with the other eps. Even if it made sense there should be some conflict, but the timing seemed off.

2. Fan of 1st season - this 2nd one? Like an entirely different creative team has taken over and forgot it was a show called Musketeers and perhaps it should be about Musketeers.

6. I wouldn't miss the end of the Winchester story! I'm still here for the duration.

7. *sssiiiiggghhh* The Canary storyline - that one makes me wince. Or turn away from the screen. Painful. Oh so painful.

Teen Wolf. I've a friend that wants me to watch it. Saw the pilot but couldn't get into it and didn't have the time to give it time. That may become a summer thing. Think we can get most of the seasons on Amazon Prime. Will look.

Reign? Hmm. It seemed like one more show about pretty people. More than that?

We've been fortunate here this year and we're all still crossing our fingers it will remain so. We're getting a warm up so here's hoping it heads your way and you lose at least a foot of that snow. If it's any consolation we had snow mountains 3 years ago that finally melted June 3rd... but then it hit a 100 degree heat index. Still it melted! It made the news.:)
Jenniferstellar_raven on March 12th, 2015 01:05 am (UTC)
1. They lost me somewhere through the middles of the season. I still watched through to the end, but should the show be renewed, I'm not sure I'll continue on.

3. No, you should be good on AoS even if you haven't seen Agent Carter yet, but omg...see it as soon as you can, because it was FANTASTIC!!

4. I love Agents of Shield so much, so very much.

5. I am also still loving The Walking Dead, and if you'd told me during season 1 that Carol would be my favorite character, I'd have called you a liar. But...I just love her so much!

7. I am still mostly loving Arrow, but I do have some minor quibbles with certain things. (btw...do you watch The Flash?)

8. I'm not sure what made you tense during the episodes you've seen, so I'm not sure I can say it's safe to continue...

9. I finally had to let Madame Secretary go, because I was so far behind. :(

shallowzshallowz on March 12th, 2015 02:24 am (UTC)
1. There's a lot I still liked about it, but it just seemed to lose some oomph in the middle.
2. Check. On the list to watch.
4. Yes. Just yes. And oh my, just watched this week's.
5. I'll admit I've always found Carol interesting, but where they've gone with her character - couldn't love anything more.
7. I am too and yes. Flash - only the crossover ones. Mr. Flash guy himself doesn't quite do it for me or the show itself.
8. Only a few, but I've been thinking on it and I didn't enjoy seeing Joan and Sherlock so on the outs. Maybe that's changed? Think that's what bothered me.
9. I plan on catching up. Too good not to.

And hi!
Jenniferstellar_raven on March 14th, 2015 07:13 pm (UTC)
1. I agree. I love the realationship between Ichabod and Abbie, and Abbie and Jenny for example, but I wasn't happy with how the whole Katrina thing ended up. I just think they never knew what to do with the character once she got out of purgatory, and everything they tried didn't work...especially when it ended up sidelining Abbie.

8. Yes, that's definitely changed. :D