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19 March 2014 @ 09:30 am
I flat out enjoyed this ep. I love the Men of Letters story line. That Crowley would do what he would do wasn't a surprise, but the why of it rather was. Keeping the blade is a good way to guarantee his continued existence. He's more interesting to me now as a junkie than he's been in awhile. Mostly, I enjoyed the brothers' conflict was put to the side and seeing them work together again. It was so much fun to kick back and enjoy.:)

I haven't read the comics, but Lizzie - you kind of got the idea she was going to go in the way of Mice and Men. A situation far more horrifying than the Walkers. I've been dreading it. Expecting it and yet, owowowow. However, the conversation between Carol and Tyreese - wow. Yeah, I know I'm full of eloquence this morning.:) It was gripping and so lovely in the seeming simplicity of Tyreese's forgiveness. What a gift. One that certainly kept Carol in the here and now. But as grim as the story was, I so appreciate these little bits of hope. When you see people rise above like Tyreese did and show the kind of humanity that elevates instead of knuckle-dragging-this-is-our-world-now kind of behavior. This half of the season is excelling at it.:)

Life - I'm done with business coaching! For now. I won't say forever since it's proven very valuable, but I love not having the 'homework'.:) However, I am off to shovel snow. I know it's March. There's going to be snow. But poo. Snow. I was so excited to see asphalt. You could see the potholes and avoid them. Seeing dirt? I celebrated.:D

In the Emma news - still concerned. We have a vet coming to our house Friday to check her out and make sure we're not missing anything. Emma is so snoggy. When she meows it sounds like she's underwater. Which is actually adorable, but not right. Eating well and all that and wants to snuggle. If we could get her over this, I think we have a good chance of getting her back to her spunky self.:)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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harriganharrigan on March 19th, 2014 05:00 pm (UTC)
Emma first -- sending positive thoughts!

SPN - yes. Glad to see the boys showing more concern for each other than anger!

TWD - ouch! And yet, it may be one of my favorite episodes of the series. Which is surprising without Rick or Darryl or Glenn/Maggie... but there it is. The writers and actors knocked it out of the ballpark with this one! So few episodes left of the season... will everyone find each other by then???
shallowz: SPNshallowz on March 19th, 2014 05:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks for Emma.:)

SPN - the lack of anger was so refreshing! The obvious concern for each other was icing on an already fun cake.

TWD - holy moly - the acting on this show blows me away. But the quietness/horror of this one will stick with me. Much like Carl thinking Rick had gone walker and unable to shoot him kind of way.

I love the anticipation of them all getting together again, but I'm also very ready for them to get together again. Even if everyone doesn't find each other, I hope some of them do! Hard to believe the season is almost over. But by then we'll have Orphan Black. One thing about the way they do TV programing these days, something else is always around the corner. Helps with the waiting!
The Little Zombie Who Could1_rhiannon_1 on March 20th, 2014 05:37 pm (UTC)
I'm skipping the SPN bit because I'm behind but I'm 100% in agreement with you about Tyrese and Carol's conversation when she confessed. I think that, had she confessed before Lizzie was put down (cause really, that's what happened) Tyrese would not have forgiven her at all. I think that seeing that Carol didn't do what she did out of being cold, but rather out of being so caring and that it really did affect her to have to do it, he saw that Karen wasn't murdered in cold blood. I appreciated that they showed that he was having a moment of "I'm going to get revenge" and then made the conscious effort to just let it go, relax his hand, and drop the pistol. This whole episode was really just so beautifully done. It broke my heart into pieces but it was beautiful.

WOO HOO for being done with business coaching!

Boo snow!

I hope you can get Emma's spunk back! Bless her little heart <3
shallowz: TWD - CityDeadshallowz on March 27th, 2014 02:24 am (UTC)
I appreciated that they showed that he was having a moment of "I'm going to get revenge" and then made the conscious effort to just let it go, relax his hand, and drop the pistol.

This. It's a scene that will stay with me for a long long time. The whole ep actually.

The Little Zombie Who Could1_rhiannon_1 on March 27th, 2014 01:37 pm (UTC)
Oh my yes! That one joins the ranks of episodes that I won't be able to rewatch. It's painful. Beautiful but so painful!